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The Great Resignation: The Post Pandemic Exodus

Millions of Americans are looking to leave their job. A Gallup poll found that 48% of employees are actively searching to make a change in their employment; between the months of April and July of 2021, 16.5 million workers quit their jobs. What is driving this mass...

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Starting a Second Career from HOME!

As we’ve all heard (approximately a trillion and a half times), this last year and a half has been… tough, to say the least. Transitioning to work or school at home, throw in a layoff or two, then whatever is happening now, we’ve all had employment whiplash. It has...

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Generation Z: Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Image by Any IP Ltd via Who is Gen Z? Millennials, or Generation Y, born from 1982 through 1993 have been rumored to be the most entrepreneurial generation. Yet, Generation Z or the ‘Next Gen,’ who were born between years 1994 and 2010 are positioned...

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10 Myths about Being a Successful Franchisee

1. You must follow all franchisor recommendations.           While many of the tools a franchisor provides you have proven successful for most of their locations, the beauty about franchising is the capability to put your own spin on things. There is more than 1 way...

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Finding Purpose in Your Business

Purpose is the reason for doing something, the intended goal and result, a determination. By understanding the purpose of your work, you have a direct goal, inspiration, and a reason to stay engaged from day to day. In fact, 90% of people who work for companies which...

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The Future of our Franchise: Our CEO’s Vision

“High Touch High Tech was founded on the notion we need to pull the science out of the textbooks and put it into the hands of the students. This approach has been very successful for the last 26 years. This year with school closures our franchisees had to slam on the...

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