Support Teams

We help you succeed, every step of the way.

Our Five Support Teams

High Touch High Tech franchisees don’t have just one general “Support Team” – we have five separate support teams, each with different skills and abilities to further your success!

Each team is dedicated to the most critical aspects of operating and growing your local business. More details about these five support teams are provided below.

Training Team

The very first team you’ll engage with as a new High Touch High Tech franchisee is our Franchise Training Team. They will guide you through hands-on training before opening your business and assist with establishing of your local business plan and ongoing marketing strategy. They are the first team that will provide overall program instruction and observation at the inception of your new business.

Staffing Team

One of the biggest challenges facing all business owners these days is staffing. This team is dedicated to providing High Touch High Tech franchisees with proven systems that not only help get you credible applications but also assist with interviewing, job descriptions, employee manuals, training manuals and more. Going even further, this team will help provide recommendations for payroll services, insurance requirements and other human resource questions you will have when it’s time to expand your staff.

Marketing Team

Our marketing approach takes the mystery out of building your brand-new business. Each customized Strategic Marketing plan is developed exclusively for your entire territory and in collaboration with each individual High Touch High Tech franchisee. In addition, the Marketing Team maintains and creates new marketing materials for online marketing, public relations, direct mail, email marketing, print promotions and more.

Technology Team

With so much of our business shifting online and leveraging technology, we developed a “Tech Team” that empowers our franchisees with an impressive range of web-driven educational and promotional tools. Beyond providing you with a public website for your new business, you’ll also be granted access to our Content Management System (CMS) that lets you control that website, make easy updates and optimize it for the best search engine results. Our Intranet Resource Center is a massive online library of approved content, E-News templates, and social media support and documentation.

Curriculum Team

Our Curriculum Development Team spends their days researching and developing new programs, hands-on activities, and online experiences that keep all High Touch High Tech franchisees at the very edge of science education experiences. Our franchisees receive all the tools you need for business success including lesson plans, tutorial videos, and teaching aids. These tools save you countless hours and help our partners stay focused on building clientele, expanding your market reach and changing the lives of the students we engage.