Finding Purpose in Your Business

Purpose is the reason for doing something, the intended goal and result, a determination. By understanding the purpose of your work, you have a direct goal, inspiration, and a reason to stay engaged from day to day. In fact, 90% of people who work for companies which establish a clear purpose feel engaged in their work, compared to the 32% of employees at non-purpose focused companies. For High Touch High Tech, our purpose since our foundation in 1992 has been to expose children to the amazing world of science through hands-on, innovative programs.

What High Touch High Tech goes further than sales, we are in the business of inspiration. Our franchise owners share the common goal of increasing the scientific and technological literacy of children everywhere. High Touch High Tech reaches 16 million students annually, and by engaging students through hands-on experimentation, we spark the imagination needed for the innovations of the future.

High Touch High Tech franchisees know that the work they do each day is valuable. Each day, franchisees across the world leave lasting impressions on children, creating the next generation of scientists. If you want to be in a business with purpose, make the world a better place, and make a genuine, positive impact, a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity is for you. Speak with us about franchising today!