High Touch High Tech: Demonstrating Franchise Resilience

Pressures of economic downturns and recessions force consumers to make tough decisions. When buying into a franchise business, you want to choose one with the potential to ride out economic peaks and valleys. What are the telltale signs that a franchise will be able to soar over the times of scrupulous spending? The longevity of a franchisor, the necessity of its product or service, and how economically viable the expenses are deciding factors to identify the most recession resistant franchise.

High Touch High Tech was founded in 1992, and we have seen our fair share of economic decline. During the Great Recession, High Touch High Tech’s franchise system grew as laid-off employees sought to become their own bosses. When consumers are making tough decisions as to where to spend their money, they continue to spend with High Touch High Tech. Over the course of 26 years, we have proven to be a beloved resource to our community.

Education is a necessity regardless of the status of the economy. In fact, in times of economic downturn, the focus on education is highlighted as those effected searches for a way to avoid another layoff. High Touch High Tech provides hands-on, engaging STEM education. STEM career fields pay an average 20-30% than non-STEM graduates. Investing in early childhood STEM education provides a strong foundation for children to a top earner in the future.

When spending slows, franchisees need to be able to cover business expenses. When looking into franchise opportunities, check the franchise fees, royalty fees, supplier rates, and lease negotiations. Being a home-based franchise, High Touch High Tech saves franchisees the cost of retain space. Our programs use accessible, unaffordable materials that the most frugal franchisee can afford! Our business is cheap to begin and cheap to maintain, allowing franchisees to keep their profits!

High Touch High Tech is a franchise that has proven our resilience over 26 years. Our programming is a necessity to the teachers, students and parents we serve, and our low overhead costs allow franchisees to afford their business during economic slowdown. You can open your own recession proof franchise today by speaking with a High Touch High Tech agent!