A business designed to make the most of your territory

United States

One of the most distinct advantages that High Touch High Tech offers over other educational franchises and child enrichment programs is our granting of protected territories.

For this year and next, we are anxious to find an ideal franchisee for the Seattle, WA market and other major metro areas in Western states, along with many other major metro areas.

Each new HTHT franchisee in the United States receives a defined market territory that represents a population of 1.2 to 1.8 million people.

If you have experience with sales and marketing or business administration and truly love working with children, please contact us today to learn more about our work-from-home opportunity and in-house business financing options.


With High Touch High Tech franchisees already established in markets such as Morocco, Qatar and South Korea, we will continue to bring our world class educational programs to children globally using either our International Regional or Master Franchise Opportunities.

For this year and next we will be very focused on finding financially qualified and experienced franchisees across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We make regional franchise awards very easy and affordable with a minimum cash requirement of $52k and a minimum net worth exceeding $175k. Master Franchise opportunities have higher financial requirements along with an expectation of at least 10 years of Sales & Marketing experience and the successful operation of a HTHT regional unit for one complete year.

Today, science education presented as a hands-on experience is very important for all children in every society and culture.

Children are already part of a world where creative thinking, imagination, problem solving, collaboration and the ability to appreciate a variety of perspectives are crucial for both school and workplace success. These are all skills developed within our High Touch High Tech programs.

What They Say

Our non-competitive, hands-on and remote learning programs meet the interest of the child as well as the expectations of parents and teachers.

“I chose a HTHT franchise because my kids came home and said, “science is boring,” and that was a red flag. I realized that they were doing science out of books instead of doing things with their hands. The people who introduced me to this business who are franchisees were extremely excited about it, they allowed me to go with them and see what they did. I immediately fell in love with the concept of hands-on science.“

Judy, High Touch High Tech of North Florida

Franchisee since 1996