The Great Resignation: The Post Pandemic Exodus

Millions of Americans are looking to leave their job. A Gallup poll found that 48% of employees are actively searching to make a change in their employment; between the months of April and July of 2021, 16.5 million workers quit their jobs. What is driving this mass exodus? The pandemic exacerbated points of contention across society, and employment numbers are feeling the pressure.

Traditionally the most common reasons for employee resignation are salary grievances, feeling unchallenged and uninspired, wanting a better work culture, or simply looking or a new environment. This pandemic shifted the priorities of employees, causing them to reckon with feeling undervalued, unheard, underpaid, topped with the constant threat of COVID-19. People are in desperate need for a change and have a new energy to pursue that dream job.

Surviving layoffs is no longer the reason to stay at a job that makes you unhappy.

Now is the time to act. People are demanding that companies be better, offer more, and quit treating employees like machines. Providing financial stability, fleeing a toxic workplace culture, and achieving work-life balance is the true target. While you could make the decision to rush into what could potentially be another job at a new company that refused to invest in employee wellbeing, you could make the most brilliant employment decision. Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the solution to feeling voiceless, achieving your work-life balance, and being financially free. You’ll never have to worry about feeling undervalued or feeling that you lack control. You get to build your own business culture, see the financial reflection of your hard work, and work less as you become more successful. Instead of putting the fate of your resume into the hands of another self-serving company, make the investment in you.

Nervous about the idea of becoming your own boss? Don’t be. High Touch High Tech’s franchise opportunities turn the previous employee to a savvy, driven business owner. We provide extensive, hands-on training, and continue to provide our expertise as your business grows. As a franchise owner, you’ll be able to build a successful business, while inspiring children in your community, and never having to call anyone boss again.

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