Our Story

Combining fun and science since 1992

A Science Success Story Heard Around the World

High Touch High Tech was incorporated in Coral Springs, Florida, USA in 1992. But it truly began when the young daughter of our founder came home from school, said her teacher was looking for a fun idea for a booth at a school carnival, and asked if he had any ideas.

His first thought was a fun science booth. Fun and science? His daughter was skeptical, but he had a plan.

High Touch High Tech and how “Dinosaur Dan” revolutionized the teaching of science.

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Over the decades since those early science fairs, ‘Dinosaur” Dan Shaw and the HTHT team have spent countless hours interviewing teachers and investigating curriculums to develop programs that introduce science to students in a fun way that inspires a lifelong love of learning. Our programs meet the Next Generation Science Standards, taking an in-depth approach to science instruction that develops fundamental problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

As a result, High Touch High Tech now serves as a permanent resource in classrooms around the world. Our brand of fun science can be experienced further than the classroom through our summer camps, after school programs, science birthday parties or during family vacation. While vacationing with our corporate partners, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Sandals’ Beaches Family Resorts, children engage in exciting, educational science adventures.

About Us

Since 1992 High Touch High Tech has become the globally recognized leader in innovative online learning and hands-on science experiences with more than 16 million children annually participating in our proven children’s enrichment programs. With franchisees established in 12 different countries and “high tech” virtual learning at the core of our systems, our home-based opportunity is not only recession-proof but recently it’s also proven to be pandemic proof too! Our ever-growing catalog of programs inspires and excites children by engaging them in the world of nature and science by using in-school workshops, preschool programs, after-school events, and even birthday party experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.

High Touch High Tech and how “Dinosaur Dan” revolutionized the teaching of science.

Our Founder

Our High Touch High Tech founder, “Dinosaur” Dan Shaw, didn’t get his nickname because of his age. Instead he used his science background to engage kids at his daughters science fair to teach a few important skills that support the “superpowers of experimentation”:

  1. The Power of Observation – use your eyes and ears.
  2. The Power of Imagination – use your sense of wonder.
  3. The Power of Curiosity – use your sense of “What if?”.