The Must of Social Marketing

Playing Along

Like it or not, the web is a world of appearance and trends wielding enormous and growing influence on what we consume, with social marketing riding the crest of this wave. The way to set your franchise business apart from competing interests is not to stay home. Join the pack and get in the game!

Skyrocket Web Visits with Viral Messaging and Imaging Channels

Though enigmatic in its routes of influence, communities of interconnected friends and business relations leverage the viral force of billions of followers, friends, and contacts. Blog articles, viral videos, compelling photo albums, and targeted messaging have an uncanny, if somewhat nebulously motivated, ability to generate thousands of visits every month to franchise sales vehicles. Each social media property becomes a spoke in an influential wheel of interconnected web traffic, each spoke amplifying the effectiveness of every other spoke and driving consumers to the hub of the wheel: a franchisee’s main web site.

Case Study: a handful of blog posts which have gone viral by being posted and shared on Pinterest have multiplied visits to tenfold. This increase, startling in its initial explosion 8 months ago, has not dropped off since then.

Here’s an article which will help franchises develop viral messaging strategies by learning what types of content are most likely to be successful: Hard Thoughts About SEO & Link Bait.

To Search Is To Find

Since one of the largest factors determining your franchise site’s Google rank is the number of links from other sites, social media’s ability to automatically blanket the web with links is an invaluable tool helping your site to achieve placement on page 1 of search results. Every site has a Google rank—a relative number from 1 to 5 determining its importance. And the keywords on every web page have an aggregate content bias which, when linked to your pages, reinforces your content’s topical relevance. Since Google’s bread and butter is revealing the most relevant content for a given search, strong linking and strong content relevance mean higher listing position. To explore the reasons for this behavior, read How to Improve Site Credibility Through Search and Social Media.

Today in America there are nearly 1,000,000 franchises covering over 3,000 industries. A third of those markets, or 1,000, have appeared in the last ten years. That means new and successful franchises are being started in new industries every day. The ht2 business model has bred successful businesses since 1992 using novel concepts matching the trend of service-oriented franchise growth.

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