To Franchise or Not To Franchise


Should you buy a franchise, a business opportunity, or go it alone? Don’t leave this important decision to chance!

Do you want to be an entrepreneur. Just how do you get started? This is the question facing almost anyone looking to get into their own business, and there are basically three answers: Buy a franchise, invest in a business opportunity, or start an independent business from scratch.

Franchises appeal to those who need more structure and support when they get started, and who is looking for an established business name and mode of operation. Quick success comes with buying a franchise. One of the most exciting franchise opportunities is High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun. 

Business opportunities are more for those looking to ease into a business–something that can be started as a sideline and that comes with a set of instructions on how to begin. Independent startups appeal to more self-sufficient and aggressive people–folks who know they like to do things their own way, right from square one. Each option offers different advantages, but the key to making the right choice is to “know yourself first.”

By knowing yourself, ask what is my passion? If you want to impact young minds and run a profitable business, then a High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun franchise is for you.

As the president of the Venture Association of New Jersey, a business-networking group, and a senior partner with the Morristown, New Jersey-based Trien, Rosenbergaccounting firm, Jay Trien has been both an entrepreneur and an advisor to many small businesses. Turin says that those more independent in nature are best served by independent startups, which are essentially riskier but give a bigger potential payoff, while those more cautious and bound by the rules are more likely to succeed if they play it a little safer by investing in a franchise. One of the biggest growth sectors in the franchise industry is the child related services. Among those franchises, High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun has emerged as a leader in this area. To learn more about getting started with franchising, it’s simple, and straight forward.

“The classic example is the two guys who started a personal-computer business; did they know they would build Apple Computers?” Trien says. “The opportunities are unlimited with an independent start-up, but you’ve got a lot more at risk, too, because you’ve got to learn everything on your own.” 

Interestingly, Turin says that potential investors are often attracted to independent startups because of the nature of entrepreneurs who start a business from scratch. He says that people starting their own business are often attempting to prove themselves right about an idea, and the enterprise becomes an outgrowth of that personal process.

“Their business is an extension of their personality or their emotional needs rather than just a way to make a lot of money,” Trien says. “Most venture capitalists I know like those types of entrepreneurs better than the guys who just want to get rich quick. If the energy of someone who wants to prove their idea is right, this can be harnessed to the basic business disciplines, that enterprise can be very attractive to investors.”

Sometimes it is best to follow your heart. If you are ready to make money and impact lives then a High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun franchise is right for you.

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