25 Years of Prioritizing Education

The focus on education is ever increasing. In our technological, fast paced world, the focus on providing a well-rounded, ample education is critical. To develop into intelligent, innovative adults, the foundation of education must be engaging and copious.

Lifelong success begins early. Studies have shown that children who enter the K-12 system unprepared rarely catch up to their peers. The effects of early education are sustained into adulthood. Children having participated in high quality preschool and elementary programs yielding better academic achievements, increased employment and earnings, as well as reduced crime and delinquency. Investments in early childhood educations have the highest return-on-investment, seeing a return rate of 15-17% each year.

For students to perform at a competitive level, STEM literacy in early education must be highlighted. STEM education teaches much more than science and mathematics. By focusing on hands-on learning, students can comprehend real world situations while developing problem solving, leadership, critical thinking and creative thinking skills.

By instilling creative and critical thinking at a young age, we establish a basis of innovation. Innovation is critical to building a better, safer world. High Touch High Tech has worked for over 25 years to establish early STEM education as a priority around the world. The foundation of an enriching science education will propel modernization and minds on the cutting edge.

 High Touch High Tech offers programs to satisfy all STEM domains for students of preschool to middle school ages. Our mission of STEM literacy in early education was founded more than 25 years ago, and research continues to prove our approach to be most effective.  Future scientists will remember High Touch High Tech as their science inspiration.  

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