25 Years of Franchise Support: A Culture of Teamwork

Over the course of 25 years, High Touch High Tech has grown to over 36 franchise locations in 11 countries. Our corporate staff, franchise owners, and in-field scientists make a marvelous team, with the common goal of reaching each child with our hands-on science programming. The benefit of being a part of a franchise system is not only having a franchise implemented business model and their support, but a community of like-minded franchise owners.

High Touch High Tech 2018 Franchisee Conference

As a franchisee joins a brand, they enlist in a larger franchise identity. Everyone in the organization administers their own business across various territories, delivering a product and working toward similar goals. Here at High Touch High Tech, our franchisees rely on and support each other, offering and receiving advice on implementing programs, locating the cheapest suppliers, tapping into various revenue streams, and building a sense of companionship across the franchise network.

We believe that the experiences of our franchise owners are an opportunity of growth and are prodigious sources of developing best practices! Our franchisees are our largest and best asset, their skills and struggles are what makes us experts. Working together to solve problems allows our franchisees to be motivated and engaged and makes High Touch High Tech a stronger franchise as an entirety.

High Touch High Tech 2015 Franchisee Conference

Teamwork makes the dream work. We succeed when our franchises succeed, and that is the definition of teamwork. Our franchise owners all share the common goals of wanting to create a better prepared generation of citizens. STEM education allows our youth to better relate to each other, understanding their world, to become the inventors and discoverers our future needs. Each of our franchise owners see STEM education as the tool necessary to success and have a passion for inspiring little people.

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