25 Years of Customer Favorites!

For 25 years High Touch High Tech has developed exciting, hands-on science programs. Our programs have become staples to the teachers that invite us back to their classrooms year after year! Here are some of their favorites!

Get Buggy©

                Young scientists get to be Entomologists in our Get Buggy© program! Students learn about how important insects are to our planet, how to distinguish insect families, and tricks on insect survival!

Globs, Goo and Guts©

                Students discover their own anatomy in Globs, Goo and Guts©! Digestion, the blood pumping through your veins, and your organs are all parts of keeping people alive!

Smarty Plants©

                Discover botany in our Smarty Plants© experiment! Plants are mysterious and survive much differently than animals! Students get to change the color of flowers through the powers of diffusion!


                Who wants to be a chemist? ChemFun© is a student’s introduction to chemical reactions, atoms, and the power of solvents! Students even get to watch a cup dissolve!

Dig It©

                Break out your hard hats and lanterns! Students explore our world, and discover the gems hiding right beneath Earth’s surface! After the Dig It© program, students will take home their very own gemstone treasures! 

Homemade Fun©

                Shelter is what keeps humans and animals safe! Homemade Fun© is all about exploring shelters! Students will be able to use the resources around them to keep themselves safe after this program!

Magnet Makers©

                Magnet Makers© is all about magnets! Magnetic fields will become visual with a program understanding magnetic powers!

Cosmic Capers©

                Students will explore the Milky Way in Cosmic Capers©! Gravity, eclipses, and even astronaut ice cream will be investigated!

Weather or Not©

                Young meteorologists will understand weather! Weather or Not© explores the world of measuring weather phenomenon.

Teachers, parents and students love the fun, engaging programs that High Touch High Tech has delivered to them for 25 years. Our customer favorite programs assist teachers in reaching their education standards, while students have an exciting, educational experience! Once a teacher enlists High Touch High Tech, we become a part of their educational experience year after year!