10 Facts on How Franchising is for You

Become your own boss and enter the franchising world. For the novice entrepreneur, franchising is the entryway to all the benefits of entrepreneurship with the helpful guidance of the tried-and-true franchisor. By the end of this list, you’ll want to open your very own High Touch High Tech franchise!

1. There are more than 785,300 franchise units!

There are more than 785,300 currently operating franchise units in the United States. Franchise industries are becoming more and more diverse, from art and automotive to education and travel opportunities. If you’re interested in science to healthcare, there is a franchise for you!

2. Founding father, Benjamin Franklin, is credited with beginning modern franchising!

Famous printer and founder of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, opened what is considered the first modern franchise in 1731. Entering in contract with Thomas Whitmarsh, a printing company was opened “for the carrying on of the Business of Printing in Charlestown in South Carolina.” Along with franchising, Ben Franklin also invented the lighting rod, bifocals, and a glass harmonica.

3. Franchises employ more than 18 million people!

Franchises employ 18 million people in the United States and output more than 890 billion dollars each year. It is estimated that 10.5% of businesses with paid employees are franchises. The chances are that someone you know works for a franchise!

4. High Touch High Tech was one of the first STEM franchises!

High Touch High Tech taught STEM before the age of STEM! High Touch High Tech was founded in 1992 on the idea that learning science should be FUN, and more than the traditional science textbook experience. We were a pioneer in STEM education!

5. 1 in 12 Businesses are a Franchise!

Franchises make a huge part of the economy. Many people rely on franchise businesses for a uniform product or service they can count on.

6. Average Franchise Investment is $250,000

While this might seem like a large entry cost, franchising allows you to begin being profitable immediately! By having a proven successful product and well recognizable name, your franchise business can start seeing revenue! Franchisors also provide you with support and advice to continue this success! High Touch High Tech’s franchise fee begins with a $52,500 investment, opening our franchise opportunities to many!

7. A franchise opens every 8 minutes!

Franchises are excellent business opportunities, and therefore they’re growing so quickly. You can be the next of this booming trend by opening your own High Touch High Tech franchise!  

8. Franchises generate 2.3 trillion dollars in sales each year.

Franchises are hugely successful and produce 2.3 trillion dollars in revenue each year. By having a recognizable brand name, your customers will trust the product you provide and become return clients!

9. High Touch High Tech has been listed a Top Franchise, Top Low-Cost Franchise, and Top Franchise for Women!

Franchise Business Review has awarded High Touch High Tech as a Top Low-Cost Franchise, Top Franchise for Women and a Top 200 Franchise! This award system is determined by the feedback of over 27,500 franchisees! Our franchisees love their franchise business!

10. High Touch High Tech reaches more than 16 million students annually!

Our franchisees help us extend our mission of hands-on STEM across 12 countries, inspiring more than 16 million students each year!  At any moment, somewhere in the world, a student is learning the power of their imagination, curiosity and observation with High Touch High Tech! Help us to reach 16 million more students by inquiring about our franchise opportunities today!