Young Entrepreneurs and Franchises.



When you set out to start a business of your own a great option that can get over looked is franchising, especially for young entrepreneurs.  Franchising gives you many of the same advantages of running your own business but comes with some great perks like training, credibility and a plan to start and grow right from the start. High Touch High Tech-Science Made Fun offers those perks!

Here are a few questions to consider when searching for the right franchise;

  • Which franchise would appeal to my experiences and interests as a recent college graduate?
  • Which franchises feature low startup capital requirements?
  • Which franchises are friendliest to young entrepreneurs?
  • Which franchises make a difference?

Reasons High Touch High Tech is the right franchise for young entrepreneurs;

  • Large market assignment
  • Loyal customers
  • Low cost
  • Home-Based Business
  • Grow a profitable children’s franchise
  • Start with a 25+ year reputation
  • Educational credibility
  • Unlimited Corporate support
  • Internet presence — websites, social media, and blog
  • Corporate partnerships — to further increase brand visibility
  • Continuous cash flow
  • Franchisee Resource Center
  • Biennial franchise conferences that provide opportunities to learn fresh and innovative ways to grow your business, while exploring best practices and interacting with fellow owners.
  • Engage children
  • Support science education and teachers
  • Bolster student achievement

Hightouch Hightech

Our franchisees are changing the world one young scientist at a time!

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PHONE: 828.684.3192
TOLL FREE (USA): 800.444.4968