Why You Should Buy A Franchise Instead of Starting Your Own

Please read the article below for tips on the plus side of buying a franchise rather than starting your own from scratch. 

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Most people don’t tend to have the natural ability or expertise to be efficient at all aspects of running a successful business. That’s where it becomes important for a franchisor’s experience to come into play.

When you buy into an established franchise system, the franchisor offers a structure for launching, operating and growing a business.

The franchise organization model offers the franchisee the ability to grow under a specific brand and share in the benefits of a larger franchise network. Though each business is independently owned and managed, all franchisees share in the collaborative benefits of the company through the support and oversight of the corporate office. These benefits include:

  • Owning your own business and making day-to-day decisions yourself, guided by the experience of a successful  business enterprise.
  • The ability to sell your services to markets that company-owned outlets have difficulty serving because of higher operational costs and lower motivation of employees in company-owned outlets.
  • The benefit of recognized and proven service marks, trademarks, proprietary information, patents and/or designs.
  • Training from successful business operators.
  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch.
  • Operational support from the franchisor, both before and after launching your business venture, in areas such as financing, accounting, employee training and operational procedures.
From the franchisor’s prospective, this collaboration:
  • Offers the franchisor a method of rapid expansion.
  • Spreads the brand awareness over a large network of franchise owners.
  • Allows the franchise owner community to grow due to a duplicable system and support.
  • Features increased buying power for goods and services due to higher volume with suppliers.
  • Enables new products and services to be developed in the field with more testing and input.
  • Provides a steady cash flow to the franchisor to facilitate overall growth of the system.
  • Can fund the brand recognition effort to grow nationally and globally.
Franchising offers a better chance to succeed
According to studies on the economic impact of franchisees, franchise businesses account for approximately 9 percent of nonfarm private output in the United States. Government research has indicated that the success rate for franchise-owned endeavors is significantly between than the rate of non-franchise owned small businesses. 
The three common elements that individuals seek when choosing a franchise include flexibility, money and status. They are important for a variety of reasons. The flexibility for entrepreneurs who exchange the stability of a “real job” for the freedom that comes with being their own boss is key. Money is always a factor but a lot of the time isn’t the most important. Status is a category that includes not only titles and position, but more important, the feeling of purpose one has and being a part of something significant.
All in all, owning a franchise can provide you with all three of these elements!
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