Why do Franchisees Choose High Touch High Tech?

You can choose your own vendors.

High Touch High Tech isn’t the franchisor that will demand you buy directly from us at a 30% markup! You have the freedom to choose where to purchase your supplies! We do offer you corporate discounts from various vendors, to ensure you’re finding the cheapest price!

We want our franchisees to succeed first! Their success is our success.

While other franchisors profit off late royalty fees, and kickbacks from suppliers, High Touch High Tech succeeds as our franchise owners do. We provide you will the tools and continuous support to make your business successful and offer you the autonomy to run your business as you see fit!

The work we do is FUN!

Our franchise is a business of fun! There is no complaint department at High Touch High Tech! We are in a business that is valued by teachers, parents, and enjoyed by students. Who doesn’t love hands-on science?

High Touch High Tech has proven to be recession-proof.

Parents spend their money in two ways; one for their child’s education and development, and second for their child’s entertainment. High Touch High Tech satisfies both! Over the course of 25 years, High Touch High Tech has powered through economic downturns! Parents know that investing in their child’s education is an investment well spent!

Our business model appeals to people of all backgrounds!

Education is the key to overcoming! Across cultures, education is valued and invested in. STEM unlocks the innovation of the future. High Touch High Tech is inspiring the great minds that will change our world, and franchisees see the importance of what we do.

High Touch High Tech supports franchisees.

When a franchisee buys into High Touch High Tech, they buy a brand that offers support wherever they need it. Whether a franchisee needs marketing, program, or supply support, the corporate office offers an almost immediate solution. High Touch High Tech wants our franchise owners to feel backed by their franchisor, having a solution offered to any problem that arises.

You have territory control.

We offer a brand that isn’t going to cram 4 competing High Touch High Tech franchises into your territory. We offer a territory size of 1.5-1.8 million population density, which secures a profitable district for our franchise owners.

We allow you autonomy.

A square peg into a square hole. Some franchises offer you a standard plan, which every single franchise is bound to submit to.  High Touch High Tech wants you to self-determine how to run your business! We don’t want to control every aspect of your programs, staff, and delivery! Our franchises are successful on their own! More than 70% of franchisees have no access to adapt their webpage, and High Touch High Tech allows you to make the changes you would like to see!

You can control your marketing.

While High Touch High Tech offers you a marketing plan, support, and resources, our franchises owners can market themselves as they see fit! Our franchisees can build their business how they feel, marketing the services they wish to provide!

We encourage you to talk to our other franchisees.

High Touch High Tech has happy, successful franchisees! Unlike other franchisors who want to hide their dirty laundry until a potential franchisee signs themselves over, High Touch High Tech wants you to hear about how great we are! Our franchise owners recommend us to friends, and that’s why we’ve made it onto Franchise Business Review’s, and Entrepreneur magazine’s top franchise list year after year!