The Rewards of Teaching/Working with Children

Here are 8 rewards of being a teacher:

 1. You get to make an impact on other’s lives

 There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve made an impact on another person’s life. Teachers don’t usually see the direct impact they’ve made on their students, but they must know that it is ultimately there.

 2. You get to ignite the “spark”

 Everyone learns differently and it is up to a teacher to find out how students learn effectively. When a student says “I did it!” or “I am so proud of myself!” is priceless to a teacher to hear.

 3. You get to laugh all day

 Sometimes, kids are hilarious without even meaning to be! It will brighten your day!

 4. You get to create your own work environment

 Teachers get to create a positive work environment that will enrich the learning that goes on in the classroom.  

 5. You get to inspire others

 You will inspire kids to do their best on a daily basis. You will inspire other teachers to work hard when they see your successes. You will even inspire everybody around you to be a happy, positive and energetic person when you embody that yourself. Always be the best version of yourself, you never know who you might be inspiring!

 6. You get to have an exciting day, daily!

 Some people work 9-5 workdays, which they may or may not like very much. But as a teacher, you will most likely have an exciting day with at least one funny or interesting story to tell!

 7. You get to create lasting lifelong memories

 Teachers learn about their students and help them to reach their potential for the entire school year. There is excitement when the year starts and they get to meet all the new students they will be teaching. Memories are made all year long!

 8. You get to teach!

 One last reward for being a teacher is that you get to teach! Not only do you teach subjects from the textbooks, but you get to teach children how to problem solve and how to be independent and deal with different life struggles. You teach them how to be good people, to be responsible and how to learn from their mistakes. That is the most rewarding reason why you should work with children!


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