The Benefits of Variety in your Product Line

Why is a business having multiple products or services important? Having a variation of products and services provided within an established brand allows a company to leverage the existing familiarity and charm it has with its current customer base. Developing an extended line of products allows businesses to extend on the expertise they already have, offers a solution to various needs of their customers, develops an additional economy within the business, and builds upon the existing relationships between business and customer.

High Touch High Tech was created when founder Dan Shaw went to his daughter’s elementary school festival. They created a make-and-take science experiment booth in which students participated in a hands-on experiment and learned complex science topics in an exciting and engaging environment.

The teachers approached the founder, and urged Dan to come back, because teachers hadn’t seen students take such an active role in their own education. High Touch High Tech was born, and Dan began going into schools and preforming in-school field trips. Each “field trip” included all experiment ingredients, lesson plans, expressive scientist, and clean up, all coming to a teacher’s classroom.

In-school field trips grew to become High Touch High Tech’s bread and butter, proving the company as a partner to teachers and parents to want to better prepare their children and students. High Touch High Tech has been in operation for over 25 years, having been established in 1992, and has grown to have franchise locations in 11 countries! Students inspired by hands-on science experiences demanded more, and High Touch High Tech began expanding themselves to birthday parties, summer camps, after-school programs, pre-schools and more. These services align us better with reinforcing parents’ values of educating their children to become successful, responsible adults.

Parents have proven to spend their money in two ways; one on their children’s education, second on their children’s entertainment. High Touch High Tech accomplishes both, with intriguing programs that educate and bewilder young minds. Need for access to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education is ever accelerating in the innovative world of tomorrow, and parents demand their children be accurately prepared to compete. Regardless of a parent’s education level, culture, profession or age, STEM education is a stipulation of a well-rounded education.

Living in a world where technology plays an increasing role in our lives, children under the age of 8 are spending almost 3 hours of each day in front of a screen. The reliance on technology is curbs the creativity of children, creates virtual, meaningless accomplishments, and fails to build in-person social skills. The drawbacks of technology are forcing parents to find alternative venues of stimulation for their children, and High Touch High Tech has found some solutions.

Science themed birthday parties are unique, exciting ways to give children a valuable experience. In an article by a popular parenting magazine, parents admitted to spending an average of $400.00 on their child’s birthday party, before including presents. By the time that child turns 21, their parents will have spent $11,000 on birthday parties, enough for a year of tuition at an in-state university! Parents who invite High Touch High Tech into their homes for a celebration of their children understand the dual purpose, their children and guests will be entertained and will take new information with them. That’s a better party favor than money can buy!

High Touch High Tech also offers afterschool programs, pre-school programs, and summer camps. By making education a part of life beyond the classroom, making it a part of their summer vacation, daily schedule, and an early education experience fortifies STEM education as a paramount in children’s lives. STEM education differs from tradition science education, because it focuses on early education, real world implication of scientific topics, and engaging students across backgrounds. Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and confidence in learning is crucial to a student’s success.

Franchise owners have been able to adapt their business to focusing on these various services lines as their territory demands.  While the majority of our franchisees have focused their efforts on in-school field trips, other owners have adapted to working the pre-school, afterschool, birthday party, or senior citizen markets. As a franchise owner of a High Touch High Tech location, we offer you the autonomy of directing your business as you see fit, and our franchisee success reiterates that we have an impeccable business model.

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