The Beginnings of High Touch High Tech Programs

High Touch High Tech has developed a programming network of over 150 STEM programs over the past 27 years. Our programming extends from introductory chemistry, paleontology, climate change, to 3-D printing! As an author and leader in the STEM enrichment education, High Touch High Tech has adapted and created hands-on education content that has resonated with students, teachers, and parents across the globe. 

We at High Touch High Tech like to say, “we were STEM before STEM.” Since 1992, we have adapted to education standards, trends, and scientific advancements to provide our students with up-to-date enrichment. Teachers, parents, and High Touch High Tech franchise owners can feel confident in the content we provide to students.

Each year we are creating fresh, original experiment content to satisfy our customer and franchise networks. Many teachers have built High Touch High Tech in-school field trips into their year-to-year teaching agenda, and we will continue to grow with the education standards.