Silver Years of Franchising: Thank you, High Touch High Tech Franchisees

“My single biggest accomplishment was when we sold our very first franchise, and that was in New Jersey. In Wyckoff Bergen County New Jersey. It meant to me that somebody that I didn’t know, from many states away from where I was, was able to learn about our concept and draw so much interest in it that they contacted me and invested,” says High Touch High Tech founder and CEO Dan Shaw. In 1994 High Touch High Tech established the first of many franchises, paving the way for our mission of every child everywhere benefiting from our programming. We have been very luck to find eager, motivated and passionate franchisees who share this vision through the concept of hands-on science.

At any moment, somewhere in the world, a child is in a High Touch High Tech program learning with their superpowers of observation, imagination and curiosity. With the help of our 36 individually owned and operated franchise locations in 11 countries, our programming engages over 16 million children each year. For 25 years our franchisees have been establishing exciting relationships between students and science, switching on the light bulb of discovery.

Our franchisees are the key to our success. We are in the business of changing lives, and our franchisees opened a business to do just that. Seeing franchisees grow and develop their territories, having the satisfaction of making money through our business model, and being satisfied with the level of income they’re seeing is High Touch High Tech’s definition of success. It was been a wonderful experience over the course of 25 years seeing our franchisees become successful as they follow our business model, putting the science into students’ hands. We draw inspiration from our amazing franchisees and the great work they do.


When opening a High Touch High Tech location, franchisees visit our corporate office. Over 5 days of training we can build upon each owner’s strengths, identify their weaknesses, and incorporate their talents into our flexible business model. Our business model speaks to those passionate about education, those with a love for children, and those who dream of being an entrepreneur.

We have been so lucky on our journey of having the best franchise owners imaginable. They are individuals who love children, want to develop a brighter future and have a true impact on the world. Thank you, High Touch High Tech franchisees. We cannot succeed without you, and we look forward to our next 25 years together.

Celebrate 25 amazing years of High Touch High Tech with us.