Science Experiences that Come to You: High Touch High Tech Secures Trademark

High Touch High Tech: Science Experiences that Come to You!

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has once again renewed and awarded this trademark to High Touch High Tech. A slogan that so well represents the goal, objective and purpose HT2.

“This phrase has resonated with a generation of teachers to define and represent our brand, which offers incredible science experiences” said Dinosaur Dan Shaw, founder of High Touch High Tech. High Touch High Tech is celebrating its 25th year serving students, teachers, and parents all over the world.

Shaw says the programs offered by HT2 stretches the imagination and curiosity of kids, establishing a love for science in students across its global franchise network. High Touch High Tech has franchise locations in 11 countries, most recently a location in China.

High Touch High Tech is recognized on an international scale as being a leader in tangible science experiences for children and has been a fundamental player in STEM enrichment education. The acronym for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) was introduced in 2001, almost a decade after HT2 ‘s founding.  Our brand has been able to fortify ingenuity and enthusiasm for STEM learning for a silver era.

For 25 years we have been cultivating pertinent, comprehensive content to nourish the ever-evolving STEM fields and delivering those experiments to blossoming minds. High Touch High Tech administers programs to more than 16 million students annually and will continue to deliver science experiences directly to you.