Offering Profitable Options during “Off Seasons”

When looking into child services franchise opportunities, potential franchisees face the concern of opening a ‘seasonal franchise.” Being a franchise which the predominate operations are in-school field trips, we understand these concerns and have created service options to extend ourselves past this. In addition to our in-school field trips, High Touch High Tech offers after-school programs, preschool programs, science birthday parties and summer camp programs!

During the summer months when school is out of session, High Touch High Tech franchisees are busy administering summer camp programs. It is rare that parents can take an almost 3-month window away from work to stay home with their vacationing children, so children are often enrolled in summer camps to keep them occupied through the day. It is not uncommon of our franchise owners to schedule full 5-day summer camps at libraries, sleep-away camps, church summer camps and many more!

This break in our traditional programming also provides franchisees time to develop their marketing content for back-to-school programs in August. Franchisees can work at developing print marketing, program offerings, and visiting school administrators to schedule programs for the new year. During this period, administrators and teachers are working in a child-free atmosphere and have the time to ask all the questions as to why a High Touch High Tech program is great for their students!

The value that a High Touch High Tech program offers teachers is irreplaceable! Teachers may spend up to 3 months trying to refresh their students on lessons they learned the previous year. A fun High Touch High Tech programs allows for students to retain and build upon the science education they learned previously and give them a leg-up on their school peers. By teaching our program in an out of school atmosphere, students become more open to education being a part of their personal lives!

High Touch High Tech has solved the “seasonality issue” that our potential franchisee candidates may be intimidated by! Our franchisees can stay as busy during the summer as they are during the school months and may have more fun doing so.  Contact us for information on opening a year-round franchise opportunity today!