Offering Podcast options to Franchisees

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file available on the Internet, downloaded onto a computer or mobile device, composed in series in which new installments are received by subscribers automatically. Podcasts traditionally have a general theme, with solo or multiple hosts, in an interview, lecture, and conversational formats. Podcasting is internet radio at the click of a button, with specific and specialized content that appeals to a direct audience!

Podcasting is an amazing way for businesses to reach an audience that is targeted and directly compatible with their market! Traditional radio has fewer stations and a higher start up cost, therefore needs to appeal to the masses. As a business generates a listener base, fans will subscribe to have new podcast episodes automatically downloaded onto their devices! This means that your audience is coming into direct contact with you and consuming your content regularly!

Starting a podcast allows for you to share the expertise you have in your industry! High Touch High Tech’s expertise is education, specifically for elementary aged children! Podcasting allows for us to give an exciting and fun lesson while being of great educational value at the same time! The Science Made Fun podcast allows us to provide an age appropriate, fun lesson just like students experiencing us inside a classroom would have. When listening to our podcast you can feel our enthusiasm and passion for STEM education!

The Science Made Fun podcast builds our brand to display what we do, who we appeal to and why we are so passionate about STEM. Teachers and parents can tune into our podcast and share it with their young scientists! They can be assured that the content students are receiving is of great value!

By offering a podcast to High Touch High Tech franchisees, we offer yet another point of contact for our consumers to follow us! Social media, blogs, and podcasting are a part of a huge strategy to stay up to date and relevant to the students, parents, and teachers we serve! By building a global podcast audience, we are building fans and customers in areas we have yet to franchise!

Science Made Fun, High Touch High Tech’s podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts and anywhere else you’re searching for podcasts!

You can connect to our podcast subscribers that are itching for more High Touch High Tech by opening a franchise location!