Longevity of High Touch High Tech Franchise Ownership

Novice business owners are often consumed with weighing the risk to success ratio of a new business. Doing research into entrepreneurial opportunities will often guide you into the franchising conversation and the ease and benefits of opening an established and proven successful business model.  Franchising can be an amazing opportunity for someone who is tired of being an employee to branch into being their own boss! Over the 25 years that High Touch High Tech has franchised, we have had incredibly successful franchise owners and the longevity of our franchise ownership proves that!

Franchising is an opportunity to build upon a business that has already been proven to be successful! Franchisors offer a product or service that is proven to be in demand, and the rookie mistakes of the business model have already been sorted! High Touch High Tech began proving our franchise concept in 1992 and sold our first franchise in 1994! Our very first franchise location in Northern New Jersey is still being operated! If that isn’t proof of a concrete franchise concept, I don’t know what is!

 An established brand is yet another benefit of buying into a franchise system! Instead of attempting to develop a brand from scratch and all that comes with it, like a logo, product, and reputation, your franchise comes with it! Customers in your territory will either be familiar with your brand or be easily introduced to it with the resources that your franchisor provides.  High Touch High Tech has been building this brand recognition for more than 25 years! It’s not rare that we encounter teachers or parents that have themselves experienced hands-on science with High Touch High Tech through an in-school field trip, a program onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise, or at a Beaches resort! Many High Touch High Tech franchisees get stopped by past in the grocery store and reminded of how exciting the science lesson they had was!

Many High Touch High Tech franchisees have no experience in business administration but have operated their franchise businesses for over two decades! We have multiple franchisees that first experienced High Touch High Tech as a franchise employee and opened their own High Touch High Tech locations! Having no experience or background in business operations, the corporate High Touch High Tech office provided them with the training and support to become successful entrepreneurs! Our franchise location in Atlanta, Georgia is an example of this scientist to franchisee experience, and they have now been open for 25 years!

The continued success of our franchisees can be contributed to the type of business owner we appeal to! Many of our franchisees have a background in education and academia and must enjoy working with children! A High Touch High Tech franchisee is a hands-on business owner, and one that enjoys changing lives each day. Our franchisees truly believe in what they are selling, because we sell a life changing experience that will impact a child for the rest of their life. Don’t feel like a salesperson? You don’t have to be! If you have a passion for educating children, our business sells itself!

High Touch High Tech is a franchisor that believes in the success of our franchise owners. We believe that when our franchisee succeeds, we succeed! When opening your High Touch High Tech location, you will receive the continued support and resources to succeed, all while having the autonomy of operating your own business! Our franchisees are successful because we give the resources to be and are truly entrepreneurs! Contact High Touch High Tech to inquire about your very own franchise opportunity!