Increase Franchise Cash Flow with PayPal

How can you increase liquidity for your franchise business? One way is to make it easier for customers to pay. PayPal provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to accept online payments through your web site. With a personal account, PayPal costs $.30 for each payment received plus 2.9% of the transaction total. There are no setup or membership fees. Here are 4 steps to get up and running:

1. Sign up for PayPal

After clicking the Sign Up button on the PayPal home page, select Personal Account. This will provide you with options to create the type of account that is least expensive to use and the most conducive to small business use.


2. Build payment buttons

Payment buttons will allow users to add items to their cart from your web site. There are a variety of button types to choose from to maximize sales rates on your product or service. You can choose Buy Now, Donations, Gift Certificates, Subscriptions, Automatic Billing, or Installment Plan.

There are a range of options to configure to suit what you are selling. Several examples include: drop down menus, text fields, price, currency, shipping, and tax.


3. Place payment buttons on your site

Once you configure the button options for the button type you have chosen, click Create Button and you will see button code provided for your web site. The code is Internet language for the pay features your are adding. Copy all of the PayPal code and paste it on your web site where you want the pay features to appear. This can be done using a web site editor like Dreamweaver, or a Content Management System (CMS).

If your franchise provides a CMS, a lot of the work will be done for you. You will just have to paste the code on the appropriate branded page.


4. Test your new payment buttons

No matter how bright and shiny your new e-commerce checkout features look, you have to make sure they work before the job is done. Use your own credit card or PayPal account to post a transaction and then log in to PayPal to check the transaction.

Now you’ve provided an extra channel to receive business funds and eliminated hurdles in the way of potential customers becoming paying customers.

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