HTHT Maine’s Dr. G



During the month of October, Dr. G., High Touch High Tech of Maine delivered a series titled “Maine Wildlife and Estuaries” at the Patten Free library in Bath, ME. In this series, kids explored ocean ecosystems, discovered how animals survive & thrive in nature, built pollination models, learned why certain creatures live in social groups and dissected owl pellets! This was a month full of hands-on fun science!




“All our little friends, both pre and after school, benefited greatly from all your thought-provoking science session series. I’ve counted ten in all, since summertime. Each exciting session was patiently and creatively planned, delivered with reverence and consideration to age development. Each session gently encouraged hands-on exploration, truly a fantastic learning experience for all! High Touch, High Tech is so very fortunate to have you, such an intelligent, hard-worker, on their science team. Please believe, our library budget couldn’t have been better spent on any other program this year, especially because you filled in STEM school curriculum gaps in our community. Even adults stopped by inquiring whether you run this sort of program for them. We look forward to seeing Dr. G in her ever-present “scientist white coat” during the new year!”  Carol McFadden, MLIS | Head of Children’s Services. 






Dr. G. would like to send a big “Thank you!” to Carol McFadden | Head of Children’s Services at Patten Free Library for the kind words, her encouraging thoughts and for letting Dr. G. with High Touch High Tech of Maine come into your beautiful library and make Science FUN for the children!