Highlighting STEM Education During Economic Downturn

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the way we navigate through the world.  Our personal lives, economy, hobbies, and education institutions have transformed in the blink of an eye. As unemployment rates peak at Great Depression numbers, education opportunities are put into focus for those lacking job prospects.

As we are currently amid the COVID recession, still awaiting conclusion. During previous recessions, higher education enrollment surges as those laid off scramble for an alternative. Careers in the STEM fields are of upmost value, finding themselves with lower unemployment rates, higher average salaries, high job satisfaction, and skills that transfer to all walks of life. STEM jobs account for 20% of all jobs in the U.S., paying an estimated 26% higher average salary than non-STEM jobs. Projected growth within STEM careers are projected to see more than twice the growth of non-STEM careers and play an ever-growing role to the stability of our economy.

While a career change towards a STEM field is of immense value at any age, early childhood education sees the greatest return on investment. The importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated in human development. By establishing a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills in a child early on, they will develop into well rounded, constructive adults. By providing students with the resources to make their own discoveries, encouraging them to ask informed questions, and explore STEM for themselves, High Touch High Tech is developing the skills of curiosity, informed debate, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, data-driven decision making, and flexibility.

Parents struggling with unemployment fixate on their children, hoping to provide them with the education necessary to avoid them falling into a similar situation. By investing in a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity, you invest in the foundation of our future. Help us to build a stronger economy and an inspired generation of scientists today! Inquiry about a franchise opportunity today!