High Touch High Tech: Inspiring Young Minds Across the Globe

Often, science is a tool that explains the world around us. It teaches children about life and the world we live in. From a young age, children start inquiring about science. “Mommy, what makes the sky blue”?  “Daddy, how does my gold fish breathe under water”? Science provides answers to these questions for children and students of all ages. Science tells a story, challenges us and allows us think outside of the box! According to Grace Beckett, the author of “Importance of Learning Science in School”, science teaches children about technology awareness, how to conserve natural resources, and even instills survival skills. It also encourages communication, problem solving, researching, and enables the child to create their own “hypotheses”, demonstrating “trial and error”.

High Touch High Tech brings “hands-on” science programs into schools around the world to ensure that this imperative subject is instructed in a fun and memorable way. Our staff works with various schools and their faculty members to coordinate “in-house” science field-trips to demonstrate how astonishing science really is!  If a first-grade science curriculum requires that the students are to be taught about “Earth Systems” we will come to the school and transform the children into mini-geologists as they sort, test and investigate all that they find.  The scientist/instructor will discuss the Earth’s underground layers and they will even apply pressure to create their own igneous rock. They’ll go on a gem panning expedition and uncover the Earth’s hidden treasures of real gems, rocks and minerals.  It will be a day that the students will never forget!

Our organization has been fortunate enough to inspire young minds across the globe. These informative, “hands-on” science programs allow students all around the world to experience what makes science so FUN! Our domestic and international operations are so grateful to have the opportunity to educate students about some of the “science world’s” most interesting topics. We are here to provide students with the idea that one day, they can create solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. From the United States to the Middle East we are here to make a difference and improve the educational science experience for students everywhere.

Source: https://www.howtolearn.com/2013/04/importance-learning-science-school/