~From The Field~

From The Field- High Touch High Tech of Southeastern Michigan


My name is Ryan Stipp and I am the franchise owner of the High Touch High Tech franchise of Southeastern Michigan. This franchise has been in operation since 2006. I have been with the company since 2010 and have been the owner since 2016. Since I have been with the company, I think of us as not only educators but also role models. We teach our programs with a focus on the science, but also, we focus very much on relationships. I teach from the heart. I do this because I love the kids, all of them. I feel very lucky to be able to work with the kids of Southeastern Michigan and I show that in my teaching.

The best example of this is with a school that has been with us since the beginning. I focus almost entirely on Elementary programs but there is 1 preschool that I care very much about. It is called Tiny Tots. I visit the same kids once a month from September-May. I have come to adore the children of Tiny Tots over the years but what makes it amazing for me is seeing what the children have turned into as they get older. Many times, I will be in a class and a child will ask me “are you Rocket Ryan?” and I will say yes, and they remember me from preschool. That makes me day. Last month, I was working in a middle school with 7th graders, and one of the students remembered me, and I remembered them, and I was so proud of what they have grown into to. I visited that preschool this week and I have a picture of some of the kids and I have also included a picture of some of the thank you cards I have received over the years that I hang in my office as a constant reminder of just how lucky we really are.


Scientifically yours,

Rocket Ryan