Frequently Asked Question: Buying a High Touch High Tech Franchise

How much will it cost?

High Touch High Tech has a franchise fee cost of $52,500 for a territory of 1.5-1.8 million population density. Continuing franchise royalty fees are at 7% of gross sales.

High Touch High Tech is a home-based franchise model. This allows our franchise owners to save money on a commercial real estate space and invest that money into their supplies. It is expected to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000 on your launch supplies and marketing for your new High Touch High Tech business.

Am I good candidate for High Touch High Tech?

Potential High Touch High Tech franchisees would all ideally have experiences in sales and marketing, business administration, and working with children. Owning a High Touch High Tech franchise is an enjoyable experience, and our franchise owners love what they do each day!

High Touch High Tech franchise owners enjoy the following:

Working with people

Following a strategic plan

Staffing, training, and supervising

Conduction presentations

Interacting with school administrators, teachers, parents and kids

Marketing and spreading the word about High Touch High Tech

Handling business administration

Building customer relationships

Engaging in community festivals and events

Networking… and so many more!

How much time will I need to invest?

For each new High Touch High Tech franchise owner, the corporate office dedicates an entire week to the hands-on training, market research, and territory-specific strategy of their new location.

After the initial franchise training is completed, High Touch High Tech franchisees return to their territories to launch their new business! We provide franchise owners with a marketing plan to start their business and the exciting STEM programming that students have been enjoying for 25 years! Franchise owners can immediately start scheduling in-school field trips, after-school programs, pre-school programs, and science birthday parties!

Who is High Touch High Tech?

High Touch High Tech was originally founded in 1992 and has been franchising since 1994. We have proven successful in times of economic instability and have adapted to major shifts in education trends and standards.

High Touch High Tech succeeds when our franchisees succeed. Our franchise owners can command their business as they see fit, tapping into the readily available support from the corporate team whenever necessary.

High Touch High Tech has over 36 franchise locations in 11 countries! High Touch High Tech serves more than 16 million students each year with the reach of their franchise owners and corporate partners. We believe that learning takes places in any space that learners are gathered!

What does it take to be a successful High Touch High Tech Franchisee?

A successful franchisee will be an active franchisee. Franchise owners who are visiting schools in their territory, developing a comprehensive marketing plan, and have an energetic presence on social media platforms will be successful!

Successful High Touch High Tech franchisees will have a passion for the work they do every day! Our business sells itself, because who doesn’t want more science?!