Four reasons why texting should be incorporated into your business

May 18, 2017

Four reasons why texting should be incorporated into your business!

The smart phone is changing consumer behavior. 

Read the 4 reasons below:

#1 Strategy

Getting someone to write, email or subscribe is much more difficult than asking for a phone number and texting them.

Most people are already using their phone to browse the web or email. A text is a simple and quick way to deliver more information.

#2 Establish leads through text = fast and efficient.

When you have a potential prospect make sure you have these three things aligned:

  • Is all the information correct?
  • Is this person interested enough to continue through the process?
  • Are you able to communicate with this person?

#3 Use business texting to follow-up and close sales.

Most prospects make up 92% that don’t get more than 4 follow-ups

This is why most people give up on prospects early:

  • A bad process that causes the prospect to slip away easy.
  • Unable to reach the prospect.
  • Competition reached them first.

#4 Schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments through text.

If an appointment is confirmed the chances of them cancelling are much lower.

        Ways to confirm:

  • Automatically, through time-triggered messages.
  • Personally, to a group.



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