Delicious Bookmark Sharing for Franchises

In 2011 Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, the creators of YouTube, purchased the already popular social bookmarking site with plans to transform it into a social bookmarking destination using the same talents that enabled them to sell their last creation to Google for 1.65 billion dollars.

Social bookmarking is a simple and powerful way for franchises to organize and share notable web resources by depositing them in a business intelligence bank. Useful “landmark pages” discovered during your staff’s daily web browsing activity are remembered, organized and shared, forming a sort of “intranet.”

High Touch High Tech (ht2) research has shown that a large share of web researchers use Delicious bookmarks for sales presentations, social media content, and direct site links. Thus it makes sense for franchises and their franchisees to bookmark their own web pages to spread the word, increase search engine rank, and potentially create viral web traffic boons. Find out more about the ht2 marketing team and all they are doing to maximize their franchisees’ income potential.

Signing Up Through Facebook & Twitter

When you sign up with Facebook or Twitter, Delicious will import your name, username, and if you’re connecting with Facebook, your email address. This means you won’t have to connect to them later. Delicious will also import links you share on the service you connected to.

By default, links imported from Facebook or Twitter are set to private. You can change your default setting or disconnect from connected accounts in your account settings.

If you don’t want to use this feature, simply use a separate email and password when you register for your account and bypass the import features.

Connecting Delicious to Facebook

The “Remember” Bookmark Stream

One of the most intuitive aspects of Delicious profiles is the chronological order of bookmarking. Think Facebook Timeline. Gone is the necessity to save bookmarks into folders and order them manually. Delicious keeps your links in tidy chronological order; how often do you want to revisit the most important links from yesterday’s browsing? This is superior to a browser’s own bookmark and history features because your Remember page can be accessed from any desktop browser, tablet, or phone without having to slog through the chronically flawed import/export ritual which routinely mangles the pristine folder hierarchy you have so carefully crafted!

If you find the service as valuable as I think you will and would like to import your browser’s bookmarks, the Delicious help files will walk you through the process.

Delicious Profile Page - Remember Tab


Organizing links into “Folders” is done quickly and easily by adding tags to each link when you add it. Each tag describes the subject matter or use of the page. When you tag a link, Delicious creates a new “bucket” of links on the left side of your profile page. You can organize the buckets by alphabet or number of links per bucket.

Sharing Features

The magic of working with Delicious bookmarks in franchise operations happens with the Network feature. Just like Twitter and Facebook, you can follow team members so that you’re privy to the public links that they are adding. On the Remember tab you will retain your personal collection, while on the Network tab you will see all tags added by team members you are following. As you peruse the franchise’s storehouse of links, you can easily copy a link of interest to your own collection by clicking the plus symbol. Again, these links will be organized by tag. -- Recommended People

Designate a branded tag for operations purposes. Whenever a team member adds a bookmark of franchise relevance, they add the designated tag. This way, when fellow team members add that link to their profile, it will be organized by and accessible through the tag name showing on their page. All franchise-related tags adopted from team members’ profiles will be accessible by clicking the designated tag link. Quick. Easy. Dynamic. Timely.

Private Bookmarking

Whenever a franchise staff member adds a bookmark with the Private box checked, it will not appear on the Network tab and will not be visible to outside users at large.

Take advantage of all of these Delicious features and watch your staff get smarter and more unified as they share knowledge in an organized, fun, and social way!

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