Day in the Life of a High Touch High Tech Franchisee: Dr. G of High Touch High Tech Maine

“I love my work; I love doing different things. My job is never boring.” -Dr. G, Franchise Owner of High Touch High Tech Maine

Dr. G has a background in academia and taught at the University of New England. “Even with my background in academia, I continue to learn new things each day. I’m continuously widening my horizons.” Our High Touch High Tech franchise owners can create a domino effect of knowledge, teaching their staff, students, parents, and even themselves.

There are no two days of owning a High Touch High Tech franchise are the same! Whether you spend your day in the classroom, providing hands-on science experience to students, or spend your day catching up on your business administration, you maintain the resonating pleasure of changing lives every day.

High Touch High Tech franchise owners use every and any opportunity to market their business! “I didn’t know I can the ability to be a salesperson. My passion is science education, so I can talk about my passion, and sell my business authentically.” There isn’t a single school that a franchise owner enters that believes they have enough science! Our business sells itself! Being able to sell a product that is valued across cultures and people through all walks of life makes your business successful!

Most of our franchise owners keep an inventory of program brochures to market when moment is available! Marketing franchise owners will never enter a school who believes their students are receiving enough STEM education! Once teachers are familiar with our brand, they make High Touch High Tech a regular part of their students’ learning experience.

Our franchise owners widen their horizons each day, growing their skillset and adding different tools to their “toolbox.” High Touch High Tech is celebrating 25 years of franchising and want to continue to grow our reach of STEM excitement!