Beyond a Business: Being a Community Resource

In the age of quarantine and social distancing, our focus is highlighted on the things that mean most to us. For High Touch High Tech, that means the importance for inspiring students who value science, make data driven decisions, and approach the world an eagerness for education is tremendous. As we continue to provide ourselves as a resource to remote learning students, novice homeschooling parents, and adapting teachers, we are building a bond between High Touch High Tech and the communities we serve.

As schools closed across the world, High Touch High Tech franchisees switched from our on-campus enrichment programming to online remote learning, just as teachers had.  Teachers were forced to cancel in-school field trips, but High Touch High Tech was able to offer ourselves as an exciting, educational resource to students, parents, and teachers during an unexpected transition. We were able to provide hands-on education to students adapting to online learning, allowing for learning to be fun and engaging once again.

Many students participated in High Touch High Tech’s Experiment of the Day live broadcasts! Families across the nation gathered in their living rooms and kitchen tables as a High Touch High Tech scientist guided them through the same lessons they would learn in the classroom. Since our foundation, we have believed that learning happens wherever learners gather, and that includes makeshift, social distancing classrooms!

High Touch High Tech franchisees are proud of the lasting impression our business leaves on our community. Whether we interact with children in their classroom, afterschool program, summer camp, or online learning session, students leave with a lifelong love for science. Our franchise opportunities appeal to those who want a business that does more than sell, those who want to make a difference for those they work with. Inquire about a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity if you are passionate about your community and the children within it.