Adapting to Online Services: COVID-19 Response

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ~ Albert Einstein

As COVID-19 responses closed schools, churches, stores and restaurants across the country, businesses across all industries scrambled to respond. This virus and the strain it has put on businesses around the world is never before seen; we had no certain counter plan of action. As state by state closed schools across our nation, High Touch High Tech and its franchisees jumped into action. We and hands-on STEM education have persevered.

Some of the largest food chains like McDonald’s and Subway have had to begin offering delivery. Car manufacturers have began delivering vehicles to your driveway, sold with online financing. While large corporations have the capability and staff to make large shifts, small business owners don’t have that same benefit. High Touch High Tech franchise owners have successfully taken their business model of hands-on, on-location field trips, and delivered it to the students of the world from online safety.

Parents working from home have taken up a secondary job as teachers. Online educational videos are surging in success as parents attempt to keep their children busy as they work. High Touch High Tech franchisees have provided the perfect solution for that issue! By delivering sanitary experiment kits directly to the homes of our students, we guide students through the wonderful fields of geology, chemistry, biology and many more!  From our foundation, High Touch High Tech has believed that learning can take place anywhere learners are gathered, whether that be an in-school field trip, summer science camp, or at your kitchen table.

Offering our brand of STEM education to our consumers has helped students regain their sense of normalcy. Facebook live feeds detailing our experiment of the day has been of vital aid to busy parents, allowing their children to be entertained, engaged, and educated. Franchisees from Los Angeles to New Jersey have provided themselves as a lasting resource, building a stronger bond throughout this difficult time.

We endured the challenges of financial crises and a worldwide pandemic, building the bond of the High Touch High Tech family. Our franchisees have remained optimistic in a dim world, and we will continue to strive through the next challenge and celebrate each success.